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What is Beauty?

July 30, 2013 by

If you haven’t read or listened to Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth, you just may fall in love with her spiritual perspective on beauty. In my experience, the greatest expression of beauty is when the inside and outside are aligned in a way that makes us feel authentic and whole. We are happiest when what we feel inside matches what we show to the outside world, which is not limited to our physical appearance, but includes our ways of speaking, writing and connecting.


If a conventionally beautiful woman has a hateful or bitter heart, she will not radiate beauty. And if a woman who writes delicious poetry — expressing the full human experience — covers herself in dark clothing and mumbles when she speaks, we will never have the gift of seeing her fully. And we want to see her.

Can beauty be spiritual? Yes, absolutely, because beauty is an inner light. At the core, we want to see and be seen. Based on your religious or spiritual background, you may have reactions to words like spiritual, god or universe, but don’t let the words stand in the way of the message. All beauty originates from your spirit, your internal being. When we recognize our beauty by writing beautiful words, making others laugh, getting a beauty service, speaking to others, sharing our story or buying a new dress, we honor ourselves.

“It is God’s will that we be beautiful, that we love and be loved and prosper in all good things,” Marianne writes. “It is God’s will that we all become the goddesses we were created to be.”

It is tragic that our culture is so focused on outward appearance. It’s devastating for women and it’s horrendous for young girls. And yet, we first relate to each other through physical appearance. In my work coaching and running a beauty business, I often see that attention to the physical improves how we feel about ourselves, as well as attention to the nonphysical.

We hide our beauty because we are afraid we have too much and we are afraid we have too little.

By revealing the beauty we feel inside, we are set free. We need to speak up more and cover up less. The world needs our beauty for inspiration, joy and art. And the fun of it.

“Some of us know of our beauty and express it and celebrate it,” Marianne says. “But beauty itself is not given to us by anyone; it is a power we have within us from the gate, a radiance inside us.”


Do whatever you need to do to feel seen. There is no part of me that thinks you need a nose job, extensions, a spray tan or a new dress. But if those things make you feel alive, more beautiful, more yourself, then I say go do them. And believe me, it’s inspiring to make a woman feel gorgeous. When she steps out of the tan tent and looks in the mirror, the look of pleasure that washes across her face — that genuine smile — makes our work worthwhile. I can only hope that the joy a client feels in accepting her own body lasts longer than the spray tan itself.

You must understand that you are already perfect. You are already whole and nothing external will make you feel complete. Like the fresh leather smell of a brand new car, eventually, the newness of any beauty service will wear off and you’ll be left with the same you. The internal light holds your true beauty and always will.

Keep that light going.

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