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The Artist’s Way: Group Coaching

February 23, 2013 by


“As you move toward a dream, the dream moves toward you.”

―Julia Cameron

In December, I kicked off a group coaching class with three powerful women. They are seekers, dreamers and believers. As a guide for the class, we used Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I was first introduced to the book by Kimberly Wilson, whose Creativity Circle I took in October 2012. While doing the work myself, I was moved to share it in a course of my own, and I am so grateful. Cameron’s book is truly a gift.

In 14 weeks of work and 12 challenging chapters, the group experienced synchronicity and shifts at every level. And what did the group produce? For one, a deeper relationship with meditation and a second career path. For another, a new job with a promotion (when she originally had no intention of even looking) and a huge win in a contest where the prize was a free photoshoot for her and her fiancé. The last hired a life coach and manifested a boyfriend (I called this before week 1)! It has been a beautiful ride.

After getting through the heart of the book and understanding the significance of synchronicity, the group made vision boards which you see pictured above. Tuesday is our last group call together and I will miss our Tuesday nights dearly. It’s so valuable to do the work but it’s even more rewarding to work at it together. I suggest finding at least one person with whom you can share your beautiful, spiritual, magical journey.

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