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February 22, 2013 by


“You surrender to a lot of things which are not worthy of you. I wish you would surrender to your radiance…your integrity…your beautiful human grace.”

–Yogi Bhajan

Today I went to a meeting with a friend who is an addict, as a supporter. It was one of the most beautiful experiences. It was the monthly anniversary meeting to celebrate anyone who had reached a milestone: one year, 18 months and in some cases, up to 19 years sober.

During the meeting, I started wondering: what is it to be sober? Not just for an alcoholic or an addict, but for anyone…everyone. For me. What is it? As brave souls spoke and I listened, I also thought of my own life experience. Sobriety is clarity, gratitude, presence. Sobriety is saying no to some things and yes to others. Sobriety is peace, resilience, surrender to yourself, god or whatever higher power you know to be real.

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