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5 Ways to Keep Going

July 24, 2013 by

Earlier this week, I spoke with a close friend and colleague. He’s going through stuff. I’m going through stuff. We are all — always — going through stuff.

We are infinite beings, continually growing, shifting and changing.

In our culture, we often assume the process of going through something means we have issues or problems. Maybe we do. But that’s okay. Because going through or experiencing life’s challenges simply means we are in process and alive. If we weren’t going through, we’d be hitting a wall. And then we’d have a real problem.

In the midst of our conversation, my friend said, “I just want to have inspiring conversations and talk about great shit, not my personal shit that’s in the way.”

And then it hit me. “This is the great shit,” I replied.

This is it. The ups and downs, back and forth, gain and loss, ebb and flow of life — this is what we are here to experience, discuss, process and share with others.

This is your experience, your reality and your story.



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