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What is Beauty?

July 30, 2013 by

If you haven’t read or listened to Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth, you just may fall in love with her spiritual perspective on beauty. In my experience, the greatest expression of beauty is when the inside and outside are aligned in a way that makes us feel authentic and whole. We are happiest when what we feel inside matches what we show to the outside world, which is not limited to our physical appearance, but includes our ways of speaking, writing and connecting.


If a conventionally beautiful woman has a hateful or bitter heart, she will not radiate beauty. And if a woman who writes delicious poetry — expressing the full human experience — covers herself in dark clothing and mumbles when she speaks, we will never have the gift of seeing her fully. And we want to see her.

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Connecting with Your Beauty

July 1, 2013 by


Working in the beauty industry, I am always looking and noticing physical appearance. By nature, I will recognize your gorgeous new highlights, recently purchased red dress and fresh gel manicure. But I have also trained myself — and anyone I work with — to notice beauty beyond the physical element. We see every client who walks into our spray tanning studio as already beautiful, already complete. There is beauty everywhere, and it’s our job to add just a little bit of glow.

Now and then, however, a new client will walk in the room and all we notice is that she is breathtakingly beautiful in the most conventional way. At which point, a quiet whisper asks: what could she possibly need from us anyway? She already has it all. Last November, one particularly gorgeous client walked into the studio. First, I noticed her her big green eyes and overwhelming natural beauty. Then, I spotted her army green nail polish which matched her puffy green coat. For a moment, I became insecure about my work. How could I possibly make this woman any more beautiful? She was already glowing.

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