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Stand Up, Sister

December 17, 2014 by


As we move into 2015, we set new goals, new desires + new dreams. It’s a natural process that we’ve been doing since our grade school teachers asked us for our first New Year’s Resolution. We fantasized that the turning of the calendar would make our hair longer, our nails stronger + our crushes fall head over heels for us.

A new year has always meant a new start. A new beginning.

Simultaneously, we look back over the past year. We see how we’ve grown, shrunk, expanded, fallen and then spread our wings once again.

I told one of my beloved clients today, she’s like an accordion. She gets scared and shrinks and then expands rapidly…music playing — loud and beautiful.

As we set these brave 2015 goals — with plans to expand into the Universe and fulfill our true destinies on this planet — the voice of our resistance, ego, survival mechanism or inner bully (for such a bratty little thing, she sure does get a lot of nicknames!), often gets louder and louder.

So what do we do?! We have to stand for our dreams. We have to own them down to the ground. We have to tell that voice to shoo off once and for all.

Another one of my beautiful clients wrote this blog post and expands on what it means to stand for ourselves and others. Below I share an excerpt, and I advise you to click the link and keep reading. She’s brilliant.

“Since childhood, we have been told by our parents and teachers to stand up for those in need and to defend people who may not be able to defend themselves.  The thing is, as we get older, life becomes a lot more complicated and often times those “bullies” are no longer just on the playground. Those ‘bullies’ now show up as our egos, or that pesky voice that chimes in whenever we get excited about a new idea or plan; that voice that tries to talk us straight out of it.  You know the one I’m talking about, the one that tells you that you aren’t good enough, smart enough or capable enough to have everything you desire in life. Can you stand up to that bully?”

Read Olivia’s full post here.

How are you standing as we turn the page into the new year?

  • For yourself
  • Your dreams
  • Your wellbeing
  • Your finances
  • Your kids
  • Your beloved
  • Your family members
  • Your clients
  • Your business
  • Having. It. All.

Sending angel love to you, sista friend. Email me if you have any questions: katie@katiedepaola.com.


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