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“Katie is a coaching genius and a wellspring of spiritual wisdom and business savvy. When we first met, owning a coaching business and pursuing a non-traditional career path was just a glimmer in my eye, a crazy cool dream I never thought could be my reality.

Katie’s response: ‘Why the hell not?!’ This perfectly exemplifies her no-holds-barred approach to coaching, which has led me to the following developments over the last two years:

  • Starting my own thriving marketing coaching practice (with more confidence and gusto than I ever thought possible!)
  • Shifting the way I view money and invest in myself (resulting in a higher income and MUCH more luxurious lifestyle)
  • Reframing the way I view love and sex (peacefully ending a relationship that wasn’t working and creating a fun and prosperous dating life)
  • Deepening my faith that The Universe not only has my back, but is aching for me and my business to succeed

Katie challenges you to make your impossible-feeling dreams a reality and intuitively recognizes your unique brilliance (and what’s holding you back from expressing it). She empowers you to own your gifts 10,000% and showers you with the support, attention and (tough yet transformational) love you need to move forward in your life.

If you’re ready to take your life to a higher level (with more flow, dough and and clarity than you ever thought possible), you need to book a session with Katie. Like yesterday. You WON’T regret it. Promise.”

— Rebecca R. of Washington, DC (Marketing & Branding Coach)

“There was an instant connection when I reached out to Katie. Our work together guided me through some of the toughest moments I have had to face in my adult life. Her attitude and reflections helped me remain focused on my goals despite the external chaos around me. After four months I can say with confidence her approach works. And it works REALLY well. She challenged me, walked with me and celebrated with me and it touched my heart and helped take my life to the next level professionally and personally. I found Katie at the exact time I was meant to – and I am forever changed in the very best way possible.”

— Lea W. of Washington, DC (Life Coach)

“I remember a time when I said my gratitude was broken. Well sitting here, I just had a moment of PURE gratitude. Gratitude for you, and all that you have been to me on this journey. I am a firm believer that every person comes into our lives for a specific reason (sacred contracts?) and that you truly have been a blessing to have on this journey of self discovery I am on. I know its your job, but you definitely got something a little extra special, my love. So I just wanted to share my feelings and say thank you, thank you, thank you for locking arms with me.”

— Heather K. of New York, NY (Entrepreneur & Mom)

“This morning as I was getting dressed I looked at myself in the mirror and felt attractive, empowered, beautiful, and strong. I love myselfmind, body, souland no one can take that away from me. I continue to acknowledge the investment I’ve made in myself over the last couple months. This is the most balanced and focused and loved I’ve felt in a very long time, if ever. A number on a scale, a guy or one decision doesn’t change that. Self-investmentcoachingis a continuous process, not just a success or failure. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me, Katie. I cannot express enough gratitude for the lessons you help me learn.”

— Laura U. of Washington, DC (Government Relations)

At one month: “Katie! Thanks so much for the call today. I can’t tell you how amazing this process has been in only a month. I’m kind of blown away. Not least of all by your intelligence and speed at getting to the heart of the matter.

Four months later: “Katie, this process has been transformational. A lot of things have happened in my life since January, and this process with you has been a big part of my world. I feel light, excited about the future and happy about what’s happening now. After spending years in the sadness of infertility, anxiety about money and feeling stuck in many ways, I feel fresh and optimistic. Thanks for being my partner in this journey.”

— Kate P. of Baltimore, MD (Entrepreneur & Graphic Designer)

“To sum it up in a few words: working with Katie changed my life.  Connecting with her and learning about myself with her guidance was an eye-opening experience. With Katie as my life coach, I gained perspective, reached goals and attained an overall level of happiness and satisfaction that I never knew was possible. The coaching process has helped me to realize what I want out of my life and what to do to get there. Katie is attentive, aware and compassionate while also holding you accountable for what you say you want to accomplish. Ultimately, she gave me the tools to realize my potential and start planning for the life that I have always wanted. Thanks, Katie!”

— Olivia C. of Washington, DC (Teacher)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Katie DePaola. As a coach, she is empathetic, supportive, understanding and caring. There are some people who have a kind of magnetism about them and Katie is one of those people. She has truly helped me step outside my own tunnel vision. Now I see the world through a new lens, with new options and possibilities. Changing the way I view and interact with the world has been a miracle in my life, and this is just the beginning!”

— Lisa I. of San Francisco, CA (Teacher)

“Since working with Katie, I am so much more connected to myself. I feel more beautiful and confident in my own skin than I have in my entire life. My relationships are stronger, I’m actually doing work I care about and I’m experiencing more joy every day. She has helped me get real with myself about what I want and provided enormous support and accountability in making what at first seemed totally impossible, my reality. Also, she’ll call you on your shit — in the best way.”

— Sara A. of Washington, DC (Comedian & Life Coach)

“When we started our group coaching class in December, I had vowed not to look for a new job until after my wedding 9 months later. However, by the last week of January, I was not only looking for new positions, I was applying for them. Two weeks later, I was offered a new position at my company. What a crazy 8 weeks!

Katie helped me see that only I can be the one to change my life, and it doesn’t have to be as scary as we might initially think. With small changes here and there, and baby steps that eventually turn into giant leaps without even realizing it, anything is possible…and Katie will help you get there.”

— Darcy D. of Raleigh, NC (Technology Specialist)

“I recently made the decision to change career paths and go back to school, with an end goal of starting my own health coaching business. However, the thought of starting a business was overwhelming and stressful. I felt lost in my own thoughts of where to begin.

Katie asked the right questions to help me breakthrough my fears around starting a business. She helped me focus on why I wanted to start a business in the first place and encouraged me to shift my mindset from ‘starting a business’ to ‘starting my passion project.’ We created a 10 step action plan for how to get my passion project off the ground.

Coaching has the ability to offer new insight and perspective that you might not discover on your own. Katie has an infectious energy that motivated me to get moving on pursuing my dreams. She’s a great mentor and coach to have in your corner!”

— Lindsay H. of Scottsdale, AZ (Health Coach)

“I really felt that you targeted what I most needed to address in order to create changes in my life and career that would give me more success, peace, joy, and be more effective in my life in general. I appreciated when you could see beneath what I was saying and bring forth the real issues at hand.”

— Wyatt G. of New York, NY (Photographer & Life Coach)