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New Years Goddess Circle

January 17, 2014 by

Last Saturday, I hosted a New Years Goddess Circle with my close friends and fellow life coaches, Sara Armour and Desi Handal. We gathered with 15 amazing women at VIDA on U Street for a fun and engaging workshop to discuss dreams, visions and plans for the new year.


In three power hours, we covered the key steps to creating what you want in 2014. Through our work, we know most people jump right into the new year — and into the place of creating — without doing the prep work to set a strong foundation. Together, we created solid foundational structures to help our workshop participants (aka goddesses!) move forward with ease.


Are you feeling bummed over goals you didn’t achieve in 2013 or any new years resolutions you’ve already broken?

Do you have an idea of what you want next, but not a full vision of what it will look and feel like? 

Maybe you have all the insight in the world but you’re stuck around taking the first step. 

Be sure to come to our February workshop! Together, we can clear negative beliefs, past experiences and anything else holding you back. Using vision boards and goal setting, we can create clarity around what you want and lay out initial steps you can use to move forward with your dreams and desires.

Or, if you want some love right now, contact me at katie@wholeglow.com for a FREE 20 minute coaching consultation. We will talk about your career, business, BIG love, new projects and all that other juicy stuff.





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