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How to Enjoy the Process

August 8, 2013 by

Last weekend, I spoke with a close friend and colleague who is also a successful comedian. She had just finished two nights at an important show. She shared her excitement over her performance as well as a bit of disappointment it was over. In the midst of her storytelling, something clicked. She paused and her tone shifted.

“The thing is, I don’t want to admit this to myself, but the joy is really in the process,” she said. “The process is the part I really love.”

And she’s right. We spend so much energy thinking about the performance, the event or the interview. We envision ourselves succeeding and work tirelessly to get to that point. We believe the work will get us to the end result, where we’ll finally find the sense of accomplishment we desire. But that’s just a story.

The real joy is in the process.


We know this deep down, but we tell ourselves the pleasure is in the achievement, the award, the completion. That’s why we often feel a sense of extreme relief or disappointment days after we finish the marathon, win the business or have the wedding. We only let ourselves enjoy the final moment, when we truly want to savor the entire experience. We want to get messy, be silly and play.

What if we could see that the pleasure is really in the process? What would happen if we slowed life down just a bit?

We might realize the joy we seek has already arrived. It’s already here, and our stress over “getting there” could effortlessly dissolve.


Yesterday afternoon, I spent a few hours doing creative work — choosing looks for a photoshoot and creating a vision board for a project. As I worked, the depth and truth of my friend’s realization came to life. I noticed how much I enjoyed looking through a box of bracelets and deciding which ones to use for the shoot. I observed my delight in cutting out photos and putting together an inspiration board for my new goal. The photoshoot isn’t yet complete, and the desire on my vision board is not yet fulfilled.

And yet I am happily caught up in the bliss of the process.


Allowing yourself to realize the joy of the process multiplies the delight of the entire experience. If we’d let ourselves enjoy the pitch, we might not create so much stress around the sale. If we allowed ourselves to enjoy the planning, we might not feel such relief when the event finally ends. And if we gave ourselves permission to enjoy the practice, we might not be in such a hurry to create the masterpiece.

Perhaps we’d close more business, host more parties and create more art if we weren’t so focused on the outcome. Maybe we’d write the book. Maybe we’d run the marathon. Maybe we’d start the business.

Are you seeking happiness, delight, contentment or satisfaction? It can be found anywhere — beginning, middle and end. You just have to choose to see it.

Look at where you are and let the joy meet you there.

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