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How Life Coaching Creates Big Change

March 19, 2013 by


Every time I get off the phone with a coaching client, I feel a little warming in my heart. I find there’s always something to celebrate, whether it’s a big win that changes the game or a shift in perspective that changes their relationship with others and the world. Through coaching, I’ve seen clients create new jobs, relationships, money and projects — seemingly out of nowhere.

But the truth is, the change comes from the client’s own beautiful genius inside.

Usually, the clients I work with start seeing shifts within two weeks. When a client is willing and ready, it doesn’t take long to witness the effects of a new mindset.

Last week, I received the following email from a client: “I’m very surprised by how much your coaching session has helped my productivity and my confidence in myself this week. Thank you so much. I appreciate your coaching more than you know.”

And today, I received the following from another: “Katie – thank you for everything! I am operating with a whole renewed sense of purpose and motivation.”

I use coaching with my team and my clients. These past two weeks in particular have been full of leaps and gains! Here are some of the shifts I’ve seen created in these two weeks:


  • Generating a monthly bonus 5x the previous month
  • Receiving an unexpected promotion


  • Beginning to exercise again
  • Restarting a passion project (which was on hold for 5 months)!


  • Strengthening the relationship with self
  • Having the difficult conversation (with an unexpectedly positive result)!


  • Living a life from essence instead of fear
  • Experiencing a total 180 shift in perspective

I feel privileged to see the power of coaching firsthand and to work with my clients to create true transformation in their lives. Once you see the world differently, it’s nearly impossible to go back to the old way. So how about trying a new way?

Life coaching can take place over the phone or in person for clients local to Washington, DC. We are offering complimentary 60-minute sample sessions through March 31, 2013. Email katie@wholeglow.com to find out the next available session. We’d love to work with you and rock your world!

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