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Cat’s Story: How to Embrace Your Goddess

October 28, 2014 by


I sent this #glowgram above to one of my adored clients, Cat W., after our call last week. Here’s the BEAUTIFUL, heartwarming note I received back (shared with her permission, of course!):

“Thank you for the glow gram, love it! I’ve set it as my phone wallpaper.

Also wanted to share that in a totally spiritually selfish and ‘what would a goddess do?’ morning I slept in, made my favourite tea, did some journaling, meditated in the park and then bought myself this turquoise ring that I totally fell in love with and it was 75% off! Thank you universe. :)”


There’s nothing that I love more than getting emails/texts/calls like this! I love to see my clients TEST the laws of the Universe and learn that they actually work. That’s right, the work WORKS, especially when WE work, when WE trust and when WE put ourselves out there.

When you step up to the plate and start to say YES to your full purpose in the world, the Universe will respond to your willingness with extra resources (think: extra time, extra money!), unexpected support structures (who knew your beau also has a penchant for graphic design work?!) and a level of ease and grace you never knew existed (leads dropping into your email box, workshop RSVPs left and right and so much more!).

It’s like when you’re running the last leg of a race and the wind comes behind you, sweeping you to the finish line.

Say yes, and the Universe will say yes right back to you.

Sending SO much love…because you deserve every ounce.




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