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Do It Differently

July 16, 2013 by

People decide to work with a coach because they want to create a different result. They have good lives, but they want GREAT lives. They like their job, but they want to love it. They’re content being single, but they’d be really happy to be in a loving relationship. They have a dream for a new business but they want to make it a reality.

In coaching, we say that people do the best they can with the tools they’ve been given. You are where you are because of the tools (education, training, support, books, workshops, etc.) you’ve accessed through life thus far. To take it to the next level, you have to acquire new tools — new ways of thinking, acting and believing.

But this is precisely where most of us get stuck.

Most of us think that if we keep doing what we’re doing and just up the ante, we’ll get the desired result. We treat ourselves as if we are never-ending tubes of toothpaste. Let me. Just. Squeeze. A little. More. Out.

When I was living in New York City, my favorite boss would often send this Einstein quote to our sales team: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” I didn’t fully understand his point until now.


We’re all used to doing what we do. Saying what we say. Pitching how we pitch. We’re used to having the job we have, dating the people we date and wearing the clothes we wear.

And that’s okay.

Until you want something different. Then you have to live differently too. You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to get out of your own way.


For me, sometimes doing things differently means hanging with the crew, putting blue sunscreen on my nose and playing beach volleyball when my default is to dive into a book on the sidelines. I’m committed to my business and personal growth. But I’m also committed to building deeper friendships and juicier connections with the girlfriends in my life, and most of life happens on the court. When I make a new commitment, my day to day actions must often change too.


I’m sure you’ve seen this diagram somewhere on Facebook or Instagram. I can’t take artistic credit for it (although it is a fabulous drawing), but the point I want to make is this:

  • if email isn’t working, call.
  • if buyers aren’t understanding your pitch, rewrite it.
  • if you can’t get to the gym in the morning, go at night.
  • if your newsletter isn’t creating sales, change how you talk to your audience.
  • if your house isn’t selling, redecorate it.
  • if you aren’t meeting the right guys, get your butt online or into a bookstore.

You know the thing that is uncomfortable, awkward, so “not you” and totally last season?

Go do that thing.

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