Founder & CEO of Inner Glow Circle


I was journaling, searching on Google and asking my friends, parents and boyfriend what I should be doing with my life. I prayed for answers. I knew I was meant for more, I just didn’t know what my options were. I was so confused by my own desires. I saw these future visions of myself speaking, teaching and writing, all to help other women. But in my real life, I was still stuck in my 9 to 5 job. I didn’t know how to get where I needed to go. I was living in this massive contradiction. On one hand, everyday I would wake up, go to work and count down the hours until I could leave. But on the other, it felt like every day that passed me by was just wasted time. What was I actually doing with my life?

I started to follow the breadcrumbs. I read self-help books, went to workshops and started to get a clearer vision of what I desired. I just didn’t know how to start. I saw others doing it, but I didn’t know if I could find my purpose, live it and get paid. My dream was to spend my days surrounded by powerful women. I wanted to be having conversations that meant something. I wanted to stop feeling confused and start feeling on purpose. Like I said, I was just like you.

Now I’m a coach, writer and the CEO of Inner Glow Circle. I’ve made courses and programs bought by hundreds of women across the world. I’ve led women’s circles and retreats impacting thousands and started a movement of women who are working for themselves, but not by themselves. I created the thing I wished existed. And what’s so cool is that other women get to benefit from it too.


You don’t have to take a huge leap right now or change your entire life. You just have to find the next step.


I started my private coaching practice in 2012. Soon after, I realized my passion wasn’t just for coaching, it was for entrepreneurship. I knew if I was going to make the larger impact I envisioned, I had to find a way to grow.

In 2015, we opened the doors to Inner Glow Circle. I’ve found a wonderful partner and co-founder in one of my earliest clients, Liv Chapman.

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We open enrollment to our ICF Accredited Coach Training program in the spring and fall each year. Learn more.

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With my team, I run a monthly Mastermind, teaching women how to work for themselves, but not by themselves. Right now, join for just $69!

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The magic exists in YOU.

We just have to discover it.


I live in Washington, DC and have lived in Nashville, London, Sydney
and New York City.

I’m a recovering perfectionist and workaholic. For decades, overworking kept me from experiencing not-so-fun feelings like loneliness or overwhelm.
Coaching changed my life and opened up a world of possibility I previously didn’t know how to access. My relationships with my parents, my work and the world are completely different.
It literally feels like I’ve been reborn. #rebirth #nextlifeinthislife
Every year, IGC gives to causes it cares about, because giving shows our gratitude. We are deeply passionate about causes like mental health, diversity and women empowerment.
I’m committed to having it all. The trips, the love, the children, the business, the books, the spiritual experiences. Freedom. Joy. Sisterhood. Everything.


Life is a lot to handle when you feel like you’re flying solo.

Let us be on your team! #GlowTogetherGrowTogether